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Thursday, February 04, 2016


I have been amazed and surprised at the hate spewed towards Trump by many moderate right pundits whom I respect. I thought some level of that type reaction would be heard for the first month or two that he led the polls, but not after six months! And it is continuing to this day.

My theory: these pundits - mostly beltway/establishment types - are terribly upset by his "Pol Incorrectness". Like our society, which is dominated by politically correctness, the political establishment is dominated by pol correctness: the idea that any politician must act according to established rules of the political game.

Trump violates those established rules. Trump is a businessman, not a pol. As a businessman I understand the vast majority of his ideas. I have worked with people similar to him my entire career - approaching 50 years. You can see this training in most of his speeches, tweets, ideas. But he is not following the establishment rules!

I have no idea at this point if I will vote for him or not. But I do know he is bringing something new to the game. And I do know where the societies Political Correctness and the establishments Pol Correctness has gotten us. And it is not a good place!