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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let the Judges use Wisdom!

Here is the start of a story showing some creative judging:

"A judge known for creative sentencing has ordered three Spanish-speaking men to learn English or go to jail.

The men, who faced prison for criminal conspiracy to commit robbery, can remain on parole if they learn to read and write English, earn their GEDs and get full-time jobs, Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. said.

The men, Luis Reyes, Ricardo Dominguez and Rafael Guzman-Mateo, plus a fourth defendant, Kelvin Reyes-Rosario, all needed translators when they pleaded guilty Tuesday."

My hat is off to Judge Peter Paul Olszewsky Jr.!

Read the whole article here.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Wise Founders

"If men are so wicked with religion, what would they be if without it?"

-- Benjamin Franklin (to Thomas Paine, Date Unknown)

Reference: Original Intent, Barton (297); original The Works of Benjamin Franklin, Sparks, ed., vol. 10 (281-282)

HT: Patriot Post, 3/24/2008

As our country drifts away from religion, could this be part of our problem?


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mamet Redux

Read Daniel Henningers review of David Mamets March 12 column (below) and his thoughts on Mr. Mamet possibly being a harbinger of things to come with the Democrats.

Key paragraph:

"Still a thought: If David Mamet says he can't take it anymore, can others be far behind? Were I a Democratic Party strategist, out on the frontier of voter sentiment, my thought would be: This is not good for Democrats. David Mamet's mind is a tuning fork of regular-guy sentiment. He's the one who wrote "Glengarry Glen Ross." He says he's been a reliable liberal all his life. All of a sudden, the party sounds off-key. What if other guys are starting to think this? What if, after Barack's charisma gets stripped away, all you're left with is "universal health care" and Hillary's blind ambition? Come November, you could be [Mamet-worded]."

Read the whole thing. If you haven't read the Mamet column, go down a couple of entries and read it first.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


"The Democratic Party has become the Lawyers' Party. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are lawyers. Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama are lawyers. John Edwards, the other former Democrat candidate for president, is a lawyer and so is his wife Elizabeth. Every Democrat nominee since 1984 went to law school (although Gore did not graduate.) Every Democrat vice presidential nominee since 1976, except for Lloyd Benson, went to law school. Look at the Democrat Party in Congress: the Majority Leader in each house is a lawyer."

"The Republican Party is different. President Bush and Vice President Cheney were not lawyers, but businessmen. The leaders of the Republican Revolution were not lawyers. Newt Gingrich was a history professor; Tom Delay was an exterminator; and Dick Armey was an economist. House Minority Leader Boehner was a plastic manufacturer, not a lawyer. The former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is a heart surgeon."


HT: http://www.rightwingsparkle.blogspot.com/


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

God Bless David Mamet!

"David Mamet: Why I Am No Longer a 'Brain-Dead Liberal'", a column in the Village Voice today, is a must read for all of my left leaning friends.

One of your own who has come to his senses! Here is a taste of his current thoughts, but do read the whole column as it is very well written - which you would expect from one of our great writers - and gives all much food for thought.

"And I realized that the time had come for me to avow my participation in that America in which I chose to live, and that that country was not a schoolroom teaching values, but a marketplace.

"Aha," you will say, and you are right. I began reading not only the economics of Thomas Sowell (our greatest contemporary philosopher) but Milton Friedman, Paul Johnson, and Shelby Steele, and a host of conservative writers, and found that I agreed with them: a free-market understanding of the world meshes more perfectly with my experience than that idealistic vision I called liberalism." (emphasis mine)

Read about David Mamet in Wikipedia.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Thomas Sowell explains the problem of the Rust Belt!

"Rescuing the Rust Belt" is the politically incorrect - and accurate - analysis of more "unintended consequences" of the lefts policies. Mr. Sowell clearly explains how labor unions and politicians are the reason for job losses - which are being replaced in the U.S. by foreign companies, but not in the "rust belt" due to the original policies still being in place.

The closing three paragraphs explain in summary:

"Jobs are always disappearing. The big question is why they are not being replaced by new jobs. Rust belt policies that drove out old jobs also keep out new jobs.

NAFTA makes it easier for politicians to blame the problem on foreigners. In fact, foreigners make ideal scapegoats for politicians. After all, people in Japan or Indi can't vote in American elections.

Americans who can vote would do well to start spending more time thinking about economic realities, instead of being swept away by political rhetoric."

Read the whole thing - it is short and VERY important to understand!