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Thursday, September 16, 2004


Missed almost two weeks of posting. Seems I may be having the same problem I have had all my life trying to be disciplined daily for a journal, diary, blog! But the fiasco Dan Rather has gotten himself into deserves a comment.

His defense: even if the documents are false it makes no difference because we know the story is true. You have got to be kidding!!! Where is his head? Are there no standards at all for our media today? You cannot believe something and then forge documents in order to support that belief, claiming that since you know the belief is true (how?) it makes no difference if the documents are real. Try that in a court of law and see how far it gets you.

Steven, if you see this, let me know what you think about RATHERGATE!


Friday, September 03, 2004


George W. Bush made an outstanding speech accepting his nomination for President by the Republican Party. Sharing his vision of the United States over the next four years, he brought the discussion out of the past and into the future. "Ownership" by the people was a key element and a subject that has been dear to my heart in the business environment for many years. It is the way to get people re-involved in their government, perhaps the way we have been looking for as the participants in elections has decreased over the past decades.

The contrast between he and John F. Kerry could not have been more clear, and the bounce reflected in several polls overnight reflect this. If the President and his administration can stay on point, the economy continue its recovery and Iraq continue to make progress towards democracy, another four years will be his!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Zell Miller

At Wednesday's Republican Convention Zell Miller shared a view of George W. Bush and of John Kerry that few have presented but many share.

W as a man of principle who understands the situation we are in and will take the appropriate action to protect the nation from a significant evil. A man of God who will keep us on track over the next four years.

Kerry as a man of the left who's sole goal is the defeat of W, at whatever the cost, and a man who historically has taken stands to the detriment of this country.

He was harsh, but right on! I think he may have effected many swing voters.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Arnold hits a HOME RUN! And Laura a TRIPLE!

Last night's Republican Convention had two great speeches by two of the secret weapons in W's arsenal: Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Laura Bush, his centrist California Governor and his well spoken, intelligent and devoted wife.

Arnold could not have been more on point, clearly noting W's strengths and the weaknesses on the other side. The view of an outside observer, though a participant in our system for many years, is a valuable contribution to the Republican vision.

Laura, after an often panned introduction by their daughters, which I do not believe was deserved - these are college age kids in 2004 and may not have been quite as serious as some would like, but were "real" - repeated a listing of her husband's strengths and how she had watched them over the past three years. It is obviously her belief that turning the reigns over to another would not be good for the country, and she supported this view with facts.