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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monbiot or "Moonbat"

I began reading George Monbiot after he denounced the Climategate data fixers, thinking a strong supporter and promoter of the man made global warming theory had "seen the light". His column in the Guardian today shows it was just a blip on his radar and did nothing to disuade him of the "truth" from these data fixers. This belief is a "religion"!

Read his proposed speech for BHO at the Copenhagen Earth Summit. It is an amazing piece and the arrogance of this Englishman is even more amazing.

The National Post gives their view of Copenhagen in "The Copenhagen PR Scam". Their estimate is the demands of the G-77 group of poor nations, a subset of UN members which includes China, India and Brazil, would cost each Canadian household C$3000.00 per year in taxes to transfer to these "poor" nations. Talk about destroying our economies!!



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