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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Climategate! or The CRUtape Letters!: The Other Side

George Monbiot, a British supporter of Global Warming, who fortunately is fair enough to be critical of the scientists involved in Climategate but is still a believer, summarizes the other side in his Guardian column "The climate denial industry is out to dupe the public. And it's working".

It is a good summary of the thinking on the left - worth the read to keep all in perspective. I have only two comments.

  • No one - I repeat, no one - believes that man has no effect on the Earth's weather. We are part of the eco-environment so we have an effect. The discussion is the degree - as most discussions are - and whether we should turn our societies upside down in a leftist generated hysteria which is pushed to gain them POWER! Mr. Monbiot does not address this question.
  • His point about Industry hiding global warming is also hysteria. We live in a free market society where corporations protect their business and their stockholders as a first priority - think what you will of this but it is a fact - and therefore these industries will not "promote" what will hurt their business unless it is truly a "world crisis" (you may not want to believe this, but Exxon would really stop any activity if it could be "proven" that a world crisis would happen - please don't kid yourself about the morality of our industrial management class). The leftist ideologue position that this is a "cover-up" is silly!

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