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Monday, December 07, 2009

Ahh, if we only had MATURITY in the White House!

James Taranto in the WSJ's Best of the Web Today comments on a NYT "news analysis":

"The New York Times delivers a couple of surprises in a "news analysis" on President Obama's plan for a surge in Afghanistan:

'Obama strongly opposed President George W. Bush's surge in Iraq during his presidential campaign, and even now he has never publicly acknowledged that it was largely successful.
But in the White House Situation Room a little more than a month ago, he told his aides, "It turned out to be a good thing." And as many of Mr. Obama's own advisers have recounted in recent days in interviews, the decision on the surge of 30,000 troops to Afghanistan by next summer was at least partly inspired by the success of the effort in Iraq, which Mr. Bush's aides say is their best hope that historians will give them some credit when the history of a highly problematic war is written.'

Obama has been whining for months about the "mess" he "inherited" from Bush. If he would publicly acknowledge that his predecessor got something right, it would be a welcome sign of graciousness and maturity. No, we are not holding our breath."

Perhaps our problem is an ungracious, immature President? Put in place by immature and silly left?



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