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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Clarity from Sowell on Job Creation

Thomas Sowell explains the basic economics of job creation in his "Jobs or Snow Jobs?"

It is easy to understand if you remove your ideological glasses and think about his comments. History even bears him out - note jobless rate with FDR's policies!

BHO is on the wrong track, and the country had better wake up before we truly have a depression!

His two closing paragraphs:

"None of this is peculiar to the current administration. The Roosevelt administration created huge numbers of government jobs during the 1930s-- and yet unemployment remained in double digits throughout FDR's first two terms.

Constant government experiments with new bright ideas is another common feature of Obama's "change" and FDR's New Deal. The uncertainty that this unpredictable experimentation generates makes employers reluctant to hire. Destroying some jobs while creating other jobs does not get you very far, except politically. But politically is what matters to politicians, even if their policies needlessly prolong a recession or depression."

Governments can put people to work - "on the dole" as they say in England - but it cannot "create jobs".



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