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Friday, October 29, 2010

MEDIA BIAS AT ITS WORST! OR "Why Obama is a joke and going down"!

Read this summary of the WikiLeaks situation from Kathleen McKinley and if you do not get upset with our President and the MSM check your pulse. The opening paragraphs:

"I have had a lefty Brit friend for years named Dave Bones. We don't agree on anything, but we respect each other's opinion. He has been e-mailing me lately on why our media and lefty bloggers are not screeching about the Wikileaks documents that show severe abuse of Iraqi detainees by Iraqi Army officers that may have been ignored by the American military.

As I read his e-mail, I started wondering about that as well. If these documents had been leaked while Bush was President, it would be the 24/7 news loop that the Abu Ghraib story was. After all, these documents tell an even more gruesome tale than Abu Ghraib. Torture, cutting off of fingers, death, and burning are just a part of these documents, yet we aren't seeing the vast amount of coverage we did with Abu Graib. We are only seeing a story or two in the New York Times.

I suppose you know why? Pres. Bush is no longer president. This is now President Obama's war."

It is important to note that much of the reported abuses by Iraqi's has happened during Obama's term. Read the entire blog entry if you want to understand him and his policies.

Or keep your head in the sand!

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