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Sunday, October 03, 2010

"The War on the Young": if you are under 30 pay close attention!

Yuval Levin's column clearly explains how the young should be leaving BHO and his agenda as a clear matter of survival.

The closing paragraphs summarizes well:

"But if such gradual reforms [minor tweaks to entitlements] are to be possible, they must begin soon. That means taking the blindfolds off of our eyes and acknowledging the plain reality that the century-old liberal dream of a social-democratic welfare state—the dream at the heart of the Obama administration’s agenda—is neither attainable nor desirable.

Instead, we should pursue a free economy with a robust safety net—a society that values young workers and parents no less than retirees, and that helps the poor become more independent rather than making the middle class less so.

Everyone should want that, and especially the young."

Now that makes sense!



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