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Friday, October 15, 2010

Our White House

Peter Wehner in Commentary reviews an article written by Peter Baker for the New York Times Magazine showing the arrogance of this White House. It is an explanation that fits all the symptoms we are seeing of a collapsing administration.

An excerpt:

"The White House, then, is characterized by habitual vanity, rising cynicism, collapsing morale, and increasing resentment toward politics and governing, itself. Having worked in the White House for most of two terms, I understand that life there can present an array of challenges. Still, those working in the Obama White House seem utterly devoid of any enchantment and joy rooted in an appreciation of history — the kind of that that makes working in the White House, even on the worst days, an honor beyond measure."

Fits perfectly what we are seeing! Read the entire blog entry - it is worth it for perspective.

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