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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

VDH: Clarity on Scott Brown's Win!

Victor Davis Hanson in "Why the Great and Growing Backlash? What Scott brown's election portends for the Obama agenda." explains the mess Obama and his lackey Dem's have created for themselves with Mr. Hanson's usual clear insight and historical perspective.

The opening is quite on point:

"Dream up a gargantuan backlash against Barack Obama’s left-wing gospel, and you still could not invent the notion of a relatively unknown, conservative Scott Brown knocking off an Obama-endorsed, liberal, female attorney in liberal Massachusetts — in a race to fill the seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

If a liberal senatorial candidate can be defeated in Massachusetts, eleven months after the Obama hope-and-change blitzkrieg, it is hard to believe that any liberal seat is necessarily safe anywhere.

So the real story is not a populist backlash, but a growing populist backlash, whose ultimate nature and magnitude are as yet unknown. What’s going on?"

All my lefty friends can spin it as they choose, but the above sentence is their problem: they will again be a minority party after November, 2010.

Read the whole column - an excellent summary of the situation.



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