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Friday, January 08, 2010

BHO, Guantanamo and Intellect

I have questioned BHO's intellect since he first came on the scene. He always appeared as an accomplished speaker but an "empty suit." And I was certainly not alone in this analysis leading up to his election.

His first confirming action of this in my mind was his commitment to close Guantanamo the day after he became President. How could he have known he was able to do this? He wasn't! He was all feeling and no intellect!! Multitudes of examples have followed! His "followers" - those who voted for him - are of course of the same ilk and he remains popular with them.

James Taranto in the WSJ's Best of the Web Today summarizes the corner he is now in due to the commitment Guantanamo commitment.

I only hope he has learned something in the process.



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