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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Logical Analysis That Makes it Difficult to Defend Global Warming Alarmists

Debra Saunders in "A Cool Wind Braces the Hot-Air Crowd" gives her view of the Global Warming controversy with a calm and logical inspection of their actions. An example:

"You may have read about the 1,200 limos and 140 private planes commissioned to transport COP-15 [Copenhagen] dignitaries in style. Critics love to point to the hypocrisy of world leaders -- such as Prince Charles and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown -- touching down in separate private planes to a conference ostensibly dedicated to curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

But it's the Flying High Lords of Greendom's air of unreality that concerns me. If world leaders truly believed that global warming will lead to famine, rising sea levels and melting of the North Pole ice -- along with countless deaths -- surely they would want to set an example by flying commercial."

It is obvious this is true, so if they don't believe greenhouse gases are a problem, why do they keep saying so? Could it be another agenda?

Read the entire column to keep this alarmism in check!



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