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Monday, December 21, 2009

"When Liberal Dreams Collide With Public Opinion"

Micheal Barone shares his analysis of what the BHO administration is doing and why it most likely is a big mistake. Pointing out that he is the third Democrat elected in the last 40 years by campaigning in the center and governing on the left, to the dissatisfaction of the his constituency.

His first and last paragraph summarize quite well:

"In the Bella Center on the south side of Copenhagen and in the Senate chamber on the north side of the Capitol, we're seeing what happens when liberal dreams collide with American public opinion. It's like what happens when a butterfly collides with the windshield of a speeding SUV. Splat.


Obama first came to national attention in 2004 by promising to heal partisan, ideological and racial divisions. Like the other two Democratic presidents elected in the last 40 years, he campaigned in the center and started off governing on the left. In Copenhagen and on Capitol Hill, we are seeing the results. Splat."

We shall see if this administration goes "splat" just as Jimmy Carter's and Bill Clinton's did - in Clinton's case his being malleable enough to move to center and even center right policies in many cases - a trait I do not believe BHO possesses!



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