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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Plaudits to the Philadelphia Inquirer!

An opinion piece published in the Philadelphia Inquirer today ("One Last Thing/Taking closer look at Al Gore's truth" by Johathan Last of the Weekly Standard) contradicts my opinion in the previous post that the left-leaning MSM does not let us have both sides of many issues, including global warming. I congratulate them! And I wonder when the NYT will publish this piece and NPR and PBS will have Mr. Last on for an interview (maybe they have!).

The most interesting paragraph was the following:

  • "What's more, some broad historical evidence, such as that presented by Thomas Gale Moore in his book Climate of Fear, suggests that Earth's "warming periods" have been accompanied by advances in human civilization. As the saying goes, past performance is not an indication of future gains. But if the climate were to warm gradually, it's not obvious why man wouldn't adapt and flourish again, as we have in the past."

Perhaps, if man is contributing to global warming, it is simply a planned part of existence to further the advances in human civilization. Possible?



Blogger Curt said...

Agreed - a good article that raises reasonable doubts. It's very easy to get into a 'fundamentalist' position about many of these things, and the best science is able to steer clear of that temptation.

No matter what the future brings, I'm certain that mankind will do its best to adapt. Does that mean that we can prosper from any and all possible conditions - probably not. And not everyone will even agree that one outcome is better than another - there are lots of value judgments involved.

12:30 PM  

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