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Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Britons fall out of love with marriage"

London TIMESONLINE has an article on the changing values in Briton. The average age of marriage in Briton has increased three years since 1995 - to 36.2 for men and 33.6 for women.

I surmise that this is due to younger people not getting "married", but choosing to live together. In other words couples still get together, but as values change, the above statistic increases, and I would guess that the divorce rate decreases, since you do not have to divorce if you are not married.

This trend does not seem healthy to me. Where has "commitment" gone? How many bastard children are created? How many of these children end up in single parent households?

Marriage has its problems, but to me is the better system and yields fewer problems. Comments?

By the way, in the U.S. the average age of marriage for men is 27 and for women 25, but it is also trending up as Briton is. This type of society, first generated in Scandinavia, where the populations are much smaller and much more controllable, appears to be moving West. Let's hope it takes its time jumping "the pond" to the U.S.!


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