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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I use the above term for the MSM's term OBAMACARE because "insuring" pre existing conditions is not "insurance", it is WELFARE! This is quite obvious; and no politician will touch this "third rail" of healthcare - a commentary on both Democrats and Republicans and a root cause of my cynicism on the future of our country if our political class does not change.

Two articles appeared today regarding Judge C. Roger Vinson's ruling in Florida that the individual mandate was unconstitutional and that the 2010 healathcare low should be overturned in its entirety. The justification for this mandate was the welfare aspect of OBAMAFARE!

Avik Roy on NRO's domestic policy blog The Agenda writes a clear analysis of the decision which everyone should read. This should be necessary reading for all.

The White House, through an assistant to President Obama, rebuts the decision here. Again, this should be necessary reading for all.

What makes sense to you?



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