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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Absurd Ig-Nobel Prize

The right and left finally agree on something!

Peggy Noonan, my favorite writer among pundits, and a center right person who was enamored with BHO the last year of W's Presidency (I'll bet she voted for him!!) summarizes her thoughts in "A Wicked and Ignorant Award". Her two opening paragraphs pretty well sum it up, but read the whole thing for her excellent suggestion on how BHO should handle it:

"It is absurd and it is embarrassing. It would even be infuriating if it were not such a declaration of emptiness.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has embarrassed itself and cheapened a great award that had real meaning. "

Meanwhile, Maureen Dowd, about as far left as you can get on most issues but one who I occassionally agree with - I guess when she gets off the "ideologue bus" - writes "Ghandi Wuz Robbed",a typically clever view of this absurdity with a phone call from Bill Clinton to W! Not to be missed!! A taste is the second comment by Clinton to W:

"CLINTON: First that prig Carter. Then that prig Gore. And now President Paris Hilton. The guy’s in office three days and he gets the peace prize? He should have gotten the Nobel in chemistry, because chemistry’s all he’s got. Talk about a fairy tale. This ... is ... just ... wrong! It’s killing me, man. I feel like my head’s explodin’. First I had the vast right-wing conspiracy, and now I have the vast left-wing conspiracy."

I am sure she is for most of his domestic initiatives and is glad W is gone, but at least she recognizes absurdity! Well worth reading!



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