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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thomas Sowells Wisdom

In his column "A Letter from a Child" Mr. Sowell comments on our education systems' problems.
A couple of paragraphs:

"Parents send their children to school to acquire the knowledge that has come down to us as a legacy of our culture-- whether it is mathematics, science, or whatever-- so that those children can grow up and go out into the world equipped to face life's challenges.

Too many "educators" see teaching not as a responsibility to the students but as an opportunity for themselves-- whether to indoctrinate a captive audience with the teacher's ideology, manipulate them in social experiments or just do fun things that make teaching easier, whether or not it really educates the child."

I didn't see any of this as a student - graduated high school 1960, college 1964. Read the article and I'd be interested on comments from those educated after 1970 if you now recognize some of the manipulation. Or is Mr. Sowell all wet!



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