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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Death of the Integrity of Journalism

Since none of you want to discuss the most important problem facing this country - Social Security; and I would suggest you all start studying it in a hurry so you understand the crisis when it comes sometime in the next decade! - let's discuss the second most important problem facing the country - our disgusting Journalists. Yes, disgusting is the only word I can use for an entire jouralistic establishment that has given up its integrity and morality to try and insure a Democrat victory. I don't believe they will be victorious, for the fact that they are all insisting it is over means John McCain and Sarah Palin are doing very well. The journalists are liars, aren't they?

Read this column posted by RightWingSparkle about this subject:


What will the future hold if the gentlemen she is quoting is correct? A subject worth discussing!



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