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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jon Voight

On Saturday Sue and I were flying to Fort Lauderdale to spend a week with her sister Jo and her family. We were flying Southwest Airlines through Nashville, with a three hour layover in the “Music City.” We spent this time in the American Airlines Admirals Club relaxing near the bar while having an Asian Chicken Salad with a glass of fine Pinot Noir.

Two gentlemen approached the bar to order a sandwich. I thought I had seen one of them before and whispered to Sue that I thought he was an actor. I couldn’t immediately put a name to the face, but soon realized he resembled a very respected and acclaimed actor who I have heard on several talk radio shows recently discussing his newest movie, “September Dawn.” I hesitated for a few minutes, but finally mustered the courage to ask:

“You couldn’t be an actor by any chance?”

“Yes I am,” he replied, “my name is Jon Voight.”

I introduced myself – and probably forgot to introduce Sue, being a bit nervous – and thanked him for his support of our troops and our goals in Iraq. We then briefly discussed our common belief that our effort in Iraq and the Middle East is an admirable attempt to change things for both those people and for ourselves, since no change will clearly lead to much worse strife in the future.

I knew he was an active supporter of the troops through the discussions I had heard with several radio hosts. He confirmed that, when after learning of our business in San Diego, mentioned that he had been to San Diego often recently visiting wounded veterans at the Veterans Administration Hospital. I was impressed!

We chatted a few more minutes when he asked about our business. His interest in that and his continuing to address me as “Sir” – me “Sir”, when he has done so much for all of us through his acting career over the last 40+ years, an Academy Award winner for Best Actor and multiple nominee, etc, etc, etc, - humbled me and clearly confirmed I was talking to a true gentleman.

Our flight came to soon so we said goodbye, exchanging my business card for a written note from him with his name and his business number in Hollywood, at his suggestion.

It was the best layover we’ve had for a while!


Blogger Curt said...

Nice! Thanks for the story!

5:54 PM  
Blogger John said...

Nice story! Maybe when he is in San Diego He will call and you can have lunch with him! Invite me if you want to!

10:15 AM  

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