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Monday, July 30, 2007

Compassionate Misanthrope?

From the WSJ Opinion Journal of 7/30/07:

"'How About a Compassionate Misanthrope?'

Over the weekend the New York Times published a long piece on a series of letters Hillary Clinton (then Rodham) wrote to a high school friend, John Peavoy, while the two were in college in the late 1960s. There's nothing terribly juicy here; Mrs. Clinton comes across as a bright young adult struggling to figure out her place in the world. But one quote gave us a chuckle:

"Can you be a misanthrope and still love or enjoy some individuals?" Ms. Rodham wrote in an April 1967 letter. "How about a compassionate misanthrope?"

"A compassionate misanthrope." What a perfect description of the contemporary liberal. As Dick Armey observed, borrowing from Edna St. Vincent Millay, "Liberals love humanity but hate people.""

This makes me even more nervous about the possibility of Hillary as our President. I can't even imagine a young lady of her background thinking she is possibly a misanthrope, or be silly enough to imagine a "compassionate misanthrope".



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