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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Melange of Today's Politics!

Jonah Goldberg warns the right to stand up for the real reasons they oppose the current immigration bill and not let latino groups and the left label us as racist and anti-immigrant.

  • "But since the 1980's, the debate has changed. Whereas in the past the debate was about what our policy should be, today the argument is really about whether we should have a policy at all. Because if you don't care about enforcing existing immigration laws, you're really saying that you're not in favor of having any immigration laws at all. It is difficult to think of another sphere of public policy in which liberals would be nearly so cavalier about lawbreaking."

Read the column here.

Victor Davis Hanson pleads for "Honesty About Iraq" in his NRO column, pointing out the lack of communication to the people by our politicians - President Bush take note! - and the cynical attitude this creates in the populace.

  • "Our soldiers are fighting brilliantly, and history will record they are defeating the enemy while suffering historically low casualties. But if the sacrifice of American youth is not tied - daily, hourly - to larger strategic and humanitarian goals by elequent statesmen who believe in the mission, then cynicism follows and, with it , despair."

Read the column here.

Thomas Sowell in "Adolescent Intellectuals" explains that many of our academics and federal judges spend their entire life in this state of adolescence.

  • "The truly dangerous period in life is the time when the child has learned the limits of his parents' control, and how to circumvent their control, but has not yet understood or accepted the underlying reasons for doing and not doing things. This adolescent period is one that some people - intellectuals especially - never outgrow."

His example of property rights being dismantled is worth reading here.

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