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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Bias of our Media!

A post at Breitbart.com from the AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE illustrates the obvious bias in France (it is not only in the U.S., in fact our MSM sometimes almost looks balanced compared to European press) against Israel. The story starts:

"Israel strikes Gaza as latest truce frays

May 17 09:29 AM US/Eastern

Israel bombed a Hamas headquarters in the heart of Gaza City on Thursday as rival Palestinian factions clashed again in the unruly territory wracked by days of deadly internecine bloodshed.
An Israeli aircraft fired at the headquarters of a Hamas paramilitary force, killing one person, wounding 30 others and destroying the two-storey building after Israel vowed to hit militants firing rockets from the territory.

Israel's actions threatened to further exacerbate tensions in Gaza, riven by five days of gunbattles and reprisal attacks between rival Fatah and Hamas fighters that has stoked fears of a civil war and driven the coalition cabinet to the brink of collapse.

"All options against the Zionist enemy are open, including suicide attacks," warned Abu Obaida, a spokesman for Hamas's armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades.

"If there are possibilities to carry out suicide attacks, we are ready."

Bloodied victims of the Israeli raid, including at least two women, were dragged from the wreckage as several hundred onlookers gathered at the site and gunmen fired automatic weapons into the air.

Israeli tanks also took up positions in the northern Gaza Strip, a day after the country was drawn into the conflict by launching two air strikes against Hamas militants, killing four gunmen."(my emphasis)

Who do you think the bad guys are now? Israel seems to be the exacerbator! You do realize 95% of readers never get this far in the story - I guarantee you the writer does!

The story continues:

"Six more rockets fired from Gaza crashed in southern Israel on Thursday, including one that hit a school and wounded a child, police said.

Six civilians have now been wounded by more than 30 rockets that have landed in Israel since the inter-Palestinian violence erupted last Sunday. "(my emphasis)

Think this might have something to do with Israels reaction? The writer and AFP obviously do not want you to know this. A sad commentary on our worlwide media!

You can read the whole thing here:



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