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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

E. J. Dionne the Omniscient

I follow some lefty columnists to understand the other side. It is often quite eye opening!

E.J.Dionne in this column makes the following statements:

  • "It's not about whether the United States should pull out troops. That is now inevitable."

Obviously it is inevitable that we pull out troops - but not in the short term, as he implies, so he must be omniscient. Perhaps it will be in 53 years, like Korea. The left loves these "soft" statements dressed as facts.

  • "The facts are these: We do not have enough troops to commit to Iraq to turn things around militarily, and the political situation is too fractured to give rise to a sudden burst of cooperation among Shiites and Sunnis."

So, Mr. Dionne knows more about our military capability than our Commander in Chief and more about Iraq politics than the Iraqi's! And these are "facts". Just read the omniscient!

  • "This is why we need to begin planning our withdrawal now rather than waiting until the Army and the reserves hit the breaking point."


I suspect all these "factual" statements are driven by his hatred of W, as with so much of the lefts agenda.



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