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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Two columns - one hard left and disgusting, and one well thought out and explained - from Eugene Robinson at WAPO and Jonah Goldberg at LAT - both critical of the recent Cheney actions. The vitriol and hate of W at WAPO is a nice contrast to the thoughtful criticism at the LAT by a few and far between centrist columnist.



Blogger Curt said...

I heartily concur with the conclusion of the Goldberg article:

"Sure, the act of building consensus often requires sacrificing on your most preferred policies. But such consensus-building actually persuades the public, the bureaucracy and legislators of the necessity to act and reduces the chances they'll turn their back on the whole effort. Meanwhile, the Cheney method instead creates a blowback that hobbles your efforts in the long run far more than compromise does."

I think it's a message that both sides of the political spectrum need to consider... politics and compromise is not such a clean business, but I do think it can be used to find the common ground and create meaningful consensus on social issues. Seems like often the most useful legislation is that which neither side is very happy with!

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