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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Melange of Today's Politics!

Mitt Romney made an address at Yeshiva University in New York on Thursday and everyone should read it - yes that includes you Dem's - and note the level of specificity he shares with us on the policies he hopes to set in place. An approach you don't see at all from the Dem's, and too little from any other Republican!

Steve Chapman takes the subject leapt on by the Dem presidential candidates this week after a report on the inequity of pay between the genders. His column - "The Truth About the Pay Gap" - clearly explains why this "straw man" - so popular with the left - is only marginally true, if true at all. Amazing what unbiased ANALYSIS will do to the thought process (see Mitt Romney above)!

Jeff Jacoby a shot at "What Drives the Democrats?" who are so wedded to defeat in Iraq. His last sentence:

  • "Democrats, all smiles, prefer to lose the war and win the campaign [presidential race]. They're not alone. In Iraq, Al Qaeda is smiling, too."

All thought provoking looks at our current politicians. Read Mitt Romney if you only have time for one!



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