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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mark Steyn uses the British Hostage situation with Iran to explain the West's Suicide!

A must read by Mark Steyn, explaining the self-delusion of the West - yes that includes W - and where it is leading. The last three paragraphs summarize the situation:
  • "So we live today in a world of one-way sovereignty: American, British and Iraqi forces in Iraq respect the Syrian and Iranian borders; the Syrians and Iranians do not respect the Iraqi border. Patrolling the Shatt al-Arab at a time of war, the Royal Navy operates under rules of engagement designed by distant fainthearts with an eye to the polite fictions of "international law": If you're in a ''warship,'' you can't wage war. If you're in a ''destroyer,'' don't destroy anything. If you're in a "frigate," you're frigging done for.

  • On Sept. 11, a New York skyscraper was brought down by the Egyptian leader of a German cell of an Afghan terror group led by a Saudi. Islamism is only the first of many globalized ideological viruses that will seep undetected across national frontiers in the years ahead. Meanwhile, we put our faith in meetings of foreign ministers.

  • "It is better to be making the news than taking it," wrote Winston Churchill in 1898. But his successors have gotten used to taking it, and the men who make the news well understand that."

Read the whole thing, it is worth the few minutes it takes. TheWest has to get leaders to respect the rules of engagement that have made us and kept us leaders of the free world, or we will no longer be free! Taking hostages in international waters in unacceptable, and Iran must be made to understand that fact, or it will only lead to more hostages! It is not brain surgery!



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