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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Why is a 'One World' view an unacceptable approach if one wants to continue the good of the U.S.?"

Review the discussion under Mark Steyn below which led me to the conclusion those of us concerned about birth rates, etc., are not of a "One World" view and therefore find it difficult to accept the elimination of the "West"!

Contribute your thoughts on the subject.


Blogger Jim said...

"mary ellen said...
If one wants to consider the good of the US, how can one not consider 'One World'. We all are sharing one planet and given today's communication and transportation, we are all much more aware of what is going on in the world. Not to mention the fact that what the rest of the world does affects us and vice versa.
Of course, we all want the society to be here for future generations, but I don't think that means there won't be some changes and I don't think all the changes are going to be for the worse. It seems to me that we have it pretty good--better than our parents--and your grandchildren seem to have it pretty good too.
In what way has abortion and illegal immigration affected you? I am sure you will tell me and I'm interested in hearing. Do you see anything positive happening? Just wondering."

The above comment is the last in an earlier post on a Mark Steyn column. Let's pursue those comments on this more recent post.

I will answer your first paragraph as follows: I think I'm pretty good, but I do not spend my time worrying about and trying to change my neighbors. San Diego (my hometown) is pretty good, but it does not spend its time worrying about or trying to change Los Angeles. California is pretty good, but it does not spend its time worrying about or trying to change Massachusetts. All these entities put their efforts into improving themselves, which in turn improves all the cities and states. Your paragraph makes no sense to me. Please explain why we should concern ourselves with the rest of the world, rather than putting our efforts into improving ourselves, and, therefore, the rest of the world!

As a "Former Embryo" who is sensitive to others feeling, I will not comment on the moral implications and the effect on me as part of this society with on demand abortion. Instead the facts:

There are apx. 4.000.000 births in the U.S. each year.

There are apx. 1,500,000 abortions in the U.S. each year.

Our birthrate - which I consider a problem, more about this as we carry on the discussion - would rise from 2.1 births/woman to 2.8 births/woman.

If we had 6,000,000 18-21 year olds born from 1986-1989 with us in the U.S., our illegal immigration problem might be quite different, since our economy would have adjusted quite differently.

W is the most positive thing that has happened to this country for many years, if only people would drop the hatred and listen!

I will stop here, since I find with too much on our plate we tend to lose interest on the subject. Discussions of the above would be appreciated!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Mary Ellen said...

Hey, I am all for trying to improve ourselves--in fact I think for the most part we can only improve ourselves. The reason I think it is good to be concerned about the rest of the world is that it will impinge on us (think 9/11). The fact that we are in a war on terror shows that we can hardly ignore the rest of the world. And I guess I feel that if you show some caring for your neighbors--whether they are next door or in the next country--you may get along better. Correct me if I am wrong, but are we not trying to improve the Iraqis? Of course I realize that we originally went to Iraq to protect ourselves from "weapons of mass destruction", but when no WMD were found the purpose seemed to change to bringing freedom to Iraq. The goals of the war on terror and freeing other people seem to be kind of intertwined.
I do realized that trying to help others is pretty tricky. Certainly just giving handouts doesn't work very well. But I don't think trying to change others and telling them what they should be doing is too effective either. I would like to see the United States give other countries the respect and cooperation we would like.
I have always had mixed feelings about abortion. I personally would never have an abortion (my biggest regret is that I didn't have more children), but I do feel that every child should be wanted. And we already have many children living in poverty--not to mention in abusive situations--in this country. I'm not sure I understand why a higher birthrate in the country would help the immigration situation. As long as we are replacing ourselves, and at a 2.1 per woman birthrate we are, we are not going to disappear. I feel like everyplace I go people are complaining that too many people moving in and ruining the area.
The more I write the more I seem to think about! I think it is time to quit--for now.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

The rest of the world impinge on us only when we fall asleep for a decade or two and invite them to impinge, which is what Al Queda says is what drove them to 9/11.

We went into Iraq as an integral part of the War on Terror (the entire West believed Saddam had WMD - why do we have to beat a dead horse!). An aside to this was freeing several million people and assisting them to a reasonable conclusion,and that seems reasonable to me.

Please give an example of where the United States does not give other countries respect and the cooperation we would like. North Korea, with extant nukes and violators of signed agreements with the rest of the world, and Iran, who have promised to eliminate Israel and the U.S. don't count! They receive more respect and cooperation than they deserve!

I have lived the entire time from the Roe v Wade decision, and I have never heard a woman say she would have an abortion - save a few nutcelebs in the womens movement or Hollywood, yet apx 1.5 million are performed per year. Seems strange to me!

"Unwanted" is Progressive Speak for "inconvenient". All children are "inconvenient". The decision for abortion is made at a different level. This is obvious because we still have children in poverty and in abusive homes. Those parents couldn't make the same decision as those who did have abortions, for whatever reason. The two subjects are a non sequitur.

Our Birth Rate has decreased from 8 in Colonial times to 2.1 today and is declining. You can see where it will go if you look at Europe, who the Progressives would like to emulate. There economies and their cultures are in deep trouble. I do not want the U.S. to suffer the same fate, and a higher Birth Rate would solve this. We have lot's of space in this country and can continue to grow, I believe better with Birth Rate than with increased immigration or being blind to illegal immigration.

10:07 AM  

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