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Tuesday, July 06, 2010


As I've aged and become wiser it is clear that most of our political disagreements are semantic problems. The words we use mean completely different things to each side of the arguments. Our politicians do nothing to resolve this problem, either among themselves or with the nation as a whole. This is becoming increasingly detrimental to our system and our country.

Jobs is a fine example. I posit the following:

  • There are two types of "jobs":
  • INFRASTRUCTURE JOBS - jobs that exist to support the free market economy while it creates WEALTH. Examples: City, County, State and Federal employees including police, fireman, public school teachers, administrative positions, armed services, et al. They consume taxes from the WEALTH CREATING JOBS and do no WEALTH CREATION.
  • WEALTH CREATING JOBS - jobs that are created by the free market economy to support the creation of WEALTH. These are all jobs that support the WEALTH CREATION segment of the economy - not just direct producers, but including all of the direct support. Example: the person on the Ford production line, the accountant in the accounting department, the janitor cleaning the production line, the cook in the cafeteria who cooks lunch for the production worker that he can buy. My practical definition is anyone controlled by a Profit and Loss Statement (this excludes all the INFRASTRUCTURE JOBS - as all are not P & L controlled).

When a Republican/Conservative says "we need jobs" he is referring to the second type job above - this is the "economic" or "monetary/tax" sense of the word "job".

When a Democrat/Leftist says "we need jobs" he is referring to both type jobs above, but tends to emphasize the "INFRASTRUCTURE JOBS" because it is easier to take action and it "feels good" to help people immediately.

They - the politicians - and we talk right past one another, and no one will stop and explain this to their opponents or to us because of the potential of PANDERING to the voters.

We MUST cut back on the INFRASTRUCTURE JOBS (which has increased significantly since the beginning of this downturn) and we MUST increase the WEALTH CREATING JOBS in order to increase the tax base, thereby allowing us to replace and increase the INFRASTRUCTURE JOBS!




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