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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Janet Daley writes in the London Daily Telegraph about the class resentment that BHO promotes.

I agree with her. Not only is the column thought provoking, but the comments following are very enlightening - both those in agreement and disagreement. Read the column and the comments and see where you stand!

Here is one comment that caught my eye - harsh - but I am totally in agreement with most of HostileLogic's thoughts - note my exception below:

"The idea that there is no access to medical care in the U.S. for 11 million people is a pernicious lie. Some may not like the idea of getting medical care at an Emergency Room, but it’s there and people with no insurance and/or no money have a guaranteed right to get medical care. And they do. As well, there is an almost endless variety of programs that deliver heath care to the needy.

The realities of poverty should be understood by everyone. If you are poor, you won’t be driving a Mercedes. You won’t have a yacht, you won’t live in a mansion and you won’t be wearing designer clothing. [Or receive equivalent medical care, but you won't die! - poliblog]

That’s life.

The constant whining of “progressives” (Marxists) about the travails of the poor is like listening to the tortured howls of straitjacketed lunatics emanating from the padded cells of an insane asylum.

Progressives are the world champions in the promotion of class warfare. And in their efforts to promote class warfare, there always exists their necessary victims. Of course, the poor are typically the first casualties.

Telling the truth is something that progressives are totally unfamiliar with. If you listen you them closely, you will also notice they all say pretty my much the same things. Even at the top of their pecking order, do you ever notice how they parrot each other?

Further, none of us with a modicum of common sense and self respect should ever be afraid to say what is on our minds. Political correctness is nothing more than an attempt to by the left to herd people like sheep into slavery. Nobody should ever expect anything resembling freedom of thought and action from the left. They talk about social and economic justice, but what they deliver is slavery, misery and premature death.

How can you tell when the left is lying? Answer: when they open their mouths. [This last sentence is unnecessary and out of place, but the other sentiments are right on! - poliblog]

Not every progressive is concious of their "goals" as listed above, but the "road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Another less controversial comment from Snowman who believes human avarice is the root cause of the left's goals:

"It all boils down to human avarice.

Over roughly the last century, the UK has seen the virtual demise of class division. Working class lads now wear ermine and sit fidgeting in the House of Lords. The monarchy is an institution that is no longer venerated, but tolerated- nobody would be surprised to see it dismantled within our lifetime.

The vast majority of adults own cars, large wardrobes of clothes, luxury items, even houses. They grumble if they can't take a foreign holiday each year. They grumble because they have to wait in line for free medical attention. They grumble because the politicians they've freely elected had better educations than they had.

Per capita income is the highest it's been in the history of the world. Nobody need suffer from tooth ache any more, let alone die of tuberculosis or plague. Unions have ensured that workers (mostly) no longer have to work unreasonable hours, or suffer danger in the workplace.

If we break the law, we no longer have to endure being whipped, or starved, or mutilated, or having to perform hard labour. We can even murder one another with the sure knowledge that we will not be executed or transported to some malaria-ridden swamp in another hemisphere.

Our children all enjoy free education, can (if they choose) all read and all share in the vast pool of knowledge that is available to them. If they are unable, or simply unwilling, to work, the state will pay them a stipend, perhaps even provide them with accommodation.

We can worship, or refrain from worshipping, just as we please, without fear of being burned at the stake or suffering eternal damnation. I could go on and on.

But it's never enough, is it?"

That all sounds like a lot of progress to me!! But it is never enough. I would suggest the progressives sit back and contemplate this progress and how it has happened, rather than demanding more until it all comes crumbling down!

Note: this entry is for a good friend KK who is wrestling with my attitudes and the right. Hope this helps explain my positions.

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