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Friday, June 25, 2010

Kagan Watch #1

Hearings on the appointment of Elena Kagan to SCOTUS begin on Monday. A lot going on so people are not paying the attention they should. Here is a good summary of her stands from the Washington Times.

You may agree with some of her historic beliefs, but two of them stand out for me that are tacitly unacceptable for a Supreme Court Justice:

At Harvard she deliberately ignored the Solomon Amendment - a law which made it illegal to keep military recruiters off campus - and kept recruiters off campus. A Supreme Court Justice with that history cannot be an unbiased arbiter of the law if she doesn't even believe in the law!

"I think the solicitor general's office should offer reasonable foreign law arguments." This is silly - and I know Justice Breyer believes this also, which just tells me neither of them should be on SCOTUS!

Prepare for next week by reading this summary.

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