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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Truth of Why Senator Robert Bennett of Utah is Gone

The Utah Daily Herald explains why seven commonly heard "reasons" for Sen. Bennett's demise contain little or no truth, and explains the real reason which I post below:

"More important, if moderates haven't been heard recently, it's because Democrats have trashed moderation's key values of compromise and respect for other views. The White House and Congress are stocked by the hard left, and the left has spurned compromise. Look at health care. The Democrats could have made moderate, bipartisan changes at any time. Instead, they pulled every sleazy trick in the book and wrote some new ones in order to ram through a radical takeover of the health industry. The same holds in other areas.

Democratic leaders have been spewing contempt and hatred at anyone who dares question them. Moderation is swallowed up in such a climate. But that's the age we live in. It's not one of those sleepy times when officials can calmly split the difference between spending $100 million and $105 million. It's one of those moments in American history when the differences are stark and the stakes are high.

Is Bob Bennett a good fit for our times? No calm observer doubts his ability or goodwill, or that he genuinely holds conservative values. In a calmer time he might have breezed to another term. But in an age of fierce conflict between two irreconcilable visions of America, Bennett-style moderation may not get the job done.

On Saturday, the Utah Republican Party decided to fell the old timber and plant some new trees. That's what was underneath the GOP results, not all the other effluvia tossed up in some quarters of the media.

Whether the newbies can do better than Bennett is the next big question."

And if they don't it will be easier to rid ourselves of them in the future

NOVEMBER IS GOING TO BE FUN!! Read the entire editorial here.



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