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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TORT REFORM: No need for "demonstration projects" Mr. President! #2

This WSJ article explains how Missouri is also a completed "demonstration project"!

Could someone please explain: Is this administration just ignorant of the necessity for Tort Reform or are they so "bought" by the trial lawyers that they can't be rational?

A summary of Missouri's results:

"Tort reform works. Missouri's medical malpractice claims are now at a 30-year low. Average payouts are about $50,000 below the 2005 average. Malpractice insurers are also turning a profit for the fifth year in a row—allowing other insurers to compete for business in Missouri. This will drive down costs, which will save government programs money as well as improve the system for patients. It will also leave doctors with more resources to invest in better care."

Come on, Mr. President, let's fix a real problem!



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