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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hugh Hewitt summarizes BHO's Healthfare extravaganza!

Hugh Hewitt's column "We Will Call You Out!" clearly explains the shortcomings in his speech last night. A good summary of what was missed.

"The problem with the president's speech, and it is a very, very big problem, is that to be believed it would require a huge amount of trust in the president. The sort of trust that could only have been earned by a fair accounting of the critics' many and serious objections."

And that accounting was exactly what wasn't in the president's speech.

President Obama took a predictable whack at "death panels," but in so doing he dismissed every other objection raised by every other critic."

I think it may have been the end of his Presidency. This is the new "third rail" in my opinion, and BHO is not only touching it - he is embracing it!



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