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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why The Dems Will Be OUT in 2010...

and BHO will be a one term President:

John Fund explains "Air Congress Hits Turbulence" confirming the almost unbelievable hypocrisy of what is only the tip of a much greater iceberg! Travel is next:

"The flap over the now aborted Gulfstream purchases could shed light on just how big Air Congress has gotten. The executive branch routinely goes along with whatever Congress wants to spend on itself. This year legislative branch spending is up more than 10% over last year."

Aren't we in a recession?

John Stossel reveals why "Big Business Goes Big for Health-Care Reform" and why the Dem claim the protesting of Big Government Healthcare is being resisted by organizations formed by Insurance companies, et al, is a purposeful lie.

"In light of all this, it's funny to watch Democrats and their activist allies panic over the protests at congressional town meetings around the country. Tools of the corporate interests! they cry. But anyone opposing "socialized medicine" at the meeting can't be a mouthpiece for big business because, as we've seen, big business supports government control. Conservative groups may be encouraging people to vent their anger at congressmen who pass burdensome legislation without even bothering to read it, but that's no reason to insult the protestors as pawns. What's wrong with organizations helping like-minded people to voice their opinions? Why do Democrats, such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, dismiss citizen participation as "AstroTurf" -- not real grassroots -- only when citizens oppose the kind of big government they favor?"

Why am I in a good mood today!!! Read them both and you will be too!



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