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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Thought about Healthfare

Heard a comment today by an Obamacare supporter to an anti-Obamacare supporter of Israel, questioning why the Israel supporter didn't want socialized medicine like the successful system in Israel?

I thought I might find a correlation with population versus success of socialized medicine. Here is the results:

Israel - population 7,411,000 (2009 estimate)

Canada - population 33,758,000 (2009 estimate)

England - population 51,092,000 (2007 estimate)

From what I have read and heard is discussions of single-payer systems, Israel seems to be very successful, Canada seems to be having a significant amount of problems, and England is usually given as the reason we do not want single-payer - major problems are reported daily and financial problems are threatening the system.

Could it be the problems are proportional to the population?

If so, the United States should be VERY careful in evaluating any new healthcare system, having 6 times the England population, 10 times the Canada population, and 43 times the Israel population.



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