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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The BHO Administration Exposed

Jonah Goldberg exposes the fear-mongering of the BHO administration in his LATimes column today:

"Imagine a child falls down a well. Now imagine I offer to lend the parents
my ladder to save her, but only if they promise to paint my house. Would you
applaud me for not letting a crisis go to waste? Or would you think I'm a

I ask because I'm trying to come to terms with Rule No. 1 of the
Obama administration.

"Rule 1: Never allow a crisis to go to waste," White House Chief of
Staff Rahm Emanuel told the New York Times right after the election. "They are
opportunities to do big things." Over the weekend, Secretary of State Hillary
Rodham Clinton told members of the European Parliament, "Never waste a good
crisis." Then President Obama explained in his Saturday radio and Internet
address that there is "great opportunity in the midst of" the "great crisis"
befalling America."

He goes on to point out how hypocritical and disgusting their tactics are:

"But the White House tactic isn't funny at all. It's scary. Its amorality
is outweighed only by the grotesque and astoundingly naked cynicism of it

Recall that not long ago, the first item on the bill of indictment against
the Bush administration was that it was "exploiting" 9/11 to enact its agenda.
Al Gore shrieked that President Bush "played on our fears" to get his way. In
response to nearly every Bush policy proposal, from the Patriot Act to the
toppling of Saddam Hussein, critics would caterwaul that Bush was taking
advantage of the country's fear of terrorism."

My lefty friends, please comment defending BHO's hypocrisy and amoral administration.

You can read the whole column here.



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